Glossary of Digital Recording Terms


Anxiata – The feeling one has while watching another person performing a recording, editing or mixing task in ProTools that you feel you could do quicker or better (i.e. the impulse to grab the mouse or track ball out of their hand).
Posto Maestro – Re-mixing a track after the project has been mastered.
Hysterioso – Arriving at the mastering session with your instrument and a inch guitar cable.
Obsessionato – Re-mixing a track or tracks after the project has been sent to the pressing plant.
Obsessionatissimo -  Re-mixing a track or tracks once the CD is released, in stores, and available on iTunes.
Frustrati  - When there is no longer enough DSP or memory in your system to open an additional plug-in.
Ballo Colorado – When one has pushed their system too far and it responds with a spinning multi-colored wheel where the cursor should be (also called “the beach ball of doom”)
Pitchicato – Use of the Auto-Tune Plug-in.
Pitchicatissimo – Excessive use of Auto-tune
Pitchicato Discreto – use of the Auto-tune Plug-in without telling.
Remotitando – When a project is recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered without any musician, singer, engineer, or record company executive ever being in the same room - or even continent - at the same time.
Editado – When no part of a recorded performance is in its original rhythmic position.
No Paso Loco – The inability to walk past any listening device (i.e. CD or MP3 player, iPod, home or car stereo) without inserting your latest mix to check for ‘low end’, ‘reverb level’, ‘phasing’, or any other mix parameter.

Il Punto Di Non Ritorno – When one’s involvement in a project begins to jeopardize their relationships with family, friends and neighbors. Divorce proceedings may be one result of this.

Asso Profundo – When a player insists on having the ProTools engineer edit, copy, paste or move a phrase by increments as small as 1 sample rather than just punching it in, which ultimately takes up to 20 times as long and usually sounds worse.

Asso Bacaccia – When the engineer insists on editing, copying, pasting and moving an existing phrase by incredibly small increments rather than just having the player punch it in, which ultimately takes up to 20 times as long and usually sounds worse.

Crashando– When one's digital audio system crashes as a result of one too many cracked plug-ins..

Decrashando– The slow painful rebooting process. Usually follows Crashando.

De Niall– The outright refusal to admit that one's system has ever crashed before.

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